Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lovely Lockets

I have always found lockets so intriguing. I cannot help but wonder what precious contents are being held close to the heart - photos of a love long lost, baby locks, little messages of love, mantras, potions, poison?

Here are a few of my Etsy favorites

Top Left: Colourful Locket by ManoCelebrates
Top Middle: Remember Locket by AResinRevival
Top Right: Sterling Silver Rocket Locket by jewelsvine
Middle Left: Ladyship Locket by marisolspoon
Centre: Love Letter by StefenyStanyer
Middle Right: The Golden Snitch Locket Ball by everydayglory
Bottom Left: Brass Filigree Locket by adrienneaudrey
Bottom Middle: 1960s Simple Copper Locket by FreshyFig
Bottom Right: Worry Locket by GhostShip

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